What is it with Leather Recliners being Brown?

I'm not really asking but I am just wondering what color really is the best for a recliner? would a brown leather recliner be better than say a black one?

This is just an opinion but brown looks better in recliners than say pants.. i like black pants better. But brown gives that same aura as the sunburst stratocaster and Les Paul guitars, and would look even better in combination. Just imagine playing your '62 strat comfortably seated on a brown classic looking leather recliner. Ain't that swell?

I just got to say this though, It is looking more and more like I will be needing a recliner when i grow older. I'm already having back problems seated in front of the computer when I am at home and when I am at work, I spend like 15-17 hours in front of the computer each day and aside from the minor irritation of poorer and poorer eyesight, I am slo being bothered by excruciating backache. I don't have good posture maybe that's why I'm trying to be more conscious of how I'm seated when working. Because we got those cheap lift chairs at the office and so small they look like they were made for hobbits.

Oh and now that i mentioned it, since i'm taling about chairs, recliners and hobbits, a leather recliner would look real fine on Gandalf, it might look like he's sitting on a regular sized chair. Uhm, is he tall or is it that hobbits are just really small? I don't remember. I always remember him with the hobbits for some reason.

Well back to my backache, because of it, I really am considering going to the massage parlors to I get a real good back rub. Just imagining it already makes me feel better. I might go within this week or maybe the next, It ain't bothering me that much now, but I'm sure a massage could only do me some real good.

I'm tired, so I'm gonna have to go now. Next time I'll post about brown leather recliners for real.