My Uncle's Brown Leather Recliner

The Old Brown Recliner

My uncle used to have this leather recliner that he sits on when he watches television. Whenever I went to my cousins house i always fond him in that brown leather recliner of his and it seemed to me like he's a permanent fixture as well. The brown leather recliner loses it's personality if it's somebody else sitting on it. That was ho i look at it, that it seemed weird if it's my cousins who would sit on it. And now that I think about it, I never did see anyone sit on that old recliner.

But i did sit on it myself when nobody was around when i got there and I was surprised that it really felt comfortable and perfect. Though it was a bit old and the leather showed its age, but i guess that made it more 'friendly', like your 'old trusted brown leather recliner' that wouldn't let you down, no matter how long you stay in front of the TV, no matter how many PS3 games you play and finish, it's always going to be there kind of thing.

At the time I though i will buy myself one when i grow up, and guess what, I did and that's why i made this blog so i can put into writing whatever it is that's in my mind about brown leather recliners.

I guess that's it for my first post :)